Blackwash Press
Welcome to our Bookshop Sales page. It is a pleasure to digitally greet you. We'd give you a smooch if it were possible. Honestly, we would. We love bookshops. We are bookshop fetishists. Mmm, bookshops.

As you may have noticed, Blackwash Press is a very small publisher. This is not our karma. We'd like to become a reasonably successful small publisher, then a less small one. Maybe even medium-ish.

Through necessity, we will sell our books (when we have them) from our website, we would much prefer to do it through bookshops. Unfortunately, our sales and distribution arm is, how can we put this delicately, currently commensurate with our size. It's no accident you failed to notice that pesky rep trying to flog our wares.

But that's not all!

Blackwash Press was started by people with years of experience in the advertising industry. We are keen to help bookshops as much as possible in terms of marketing material, including posters, trinkets, wobblers, co-op and 60 second TV commercials.

We figure that having our books on your shelves, ideally prominently placed, is a form of advertising in itself, so we'd like (within our limitations) to make that as easy possible for you.

To place an order (which won't be filled until we have something to fill it with) or just to chat about what we're on or on about, email us at this address:
Or you can phone our sales dude on (0407) 741 606. But do remember he is probably also the janitor so forgive his rawness.