Blackwash Press
Think we suck? Think our lack of books suck? Think everything sucks? Think nihilism sucks?

Think we're cool? Think our lack of books is cool? Think everything is cool? Think existentialism is cool?

Either way, we are contactable. Here is how to do just that. If you are a debt collector, tax auditor or homicidal maniac, please do not read.

Blackwash Press
12/498 Bourke Street
Surry Hills
NSW 2010
(02) 93577518.

However, there isn't much point phoning as we very seldom answer the phone, due to a childhood incident that while minor is still scary to us.

We do like the anonymity of email though, because we are all very shy around here and email allows us to pretend to be both better looking and more witty than we actually are.

Send email to:
Actually, you could make up your own email address for us, as long as it ends in We have one of those fancing routing thingies so that anything addressed to our domain comes through. Nifty, huh? So you could send us an email addressed to '' or 'whyhaven'

The choice is yours.