Blackwash Press
Blackwash Press is what we like to call an experimental publisher.

this doesn't necessarily mean we publish experimental books that have no capitals or those fucking books that think it is fucking cool to say fuck a lot and then don't have full stops so you don't know if a sentence is finished because it just keeps going on and on and on o when it end if ever please someone stop me just kill me so i can stop this sen

We are experimental in that we have an unusual plan for publishing. We do not sign our authors to a contract and they keep the rights to their work. What we do is print a proper book and get them placed into certain bookshops, and on the web. We don't charge for this like some vanity publishers.

If the books sell, we would recommend the authors use this information to approach agents and mainstream publishers and then sign their lives away properly.

That's the experiment.

We welcome submissions from unpublished authors. Just email us a synopsis and the first three chapters. Do not hold your breath for an immediate response as we are fashionably slack. Much as we like reading genre books, we don't feel like publishing them. We hate poetry and think there are too many cookbooks.

We think quirky, weird, fanciful, funny and intelligent are good things.

We are pondering having a New Author's page on this website where we will post submissions and get readers to vote on what we publish, but this could just be one of those foolish notions that often flit through our heads when we have had a beer or two too many.

Send your submissions to: