Blackwash Press
If you are a bookshop or other large scale buyer, bless your little cotton socks, please click on the carrots:
It's difficult recommend where you can purchase our fine tomes, since we don't have any yet.

However, we strongly encourage you to buy these non-existent volumes from your friendly local bookshop. Bookshops are good places run by nice people who don't make anywhere enough money. They let you touch and feel the books, and even sniff them if you want.

Although we actually make more money when we sell off the website, should we have anything to sell, we think it is more important to support bookshops. This isn't entirely altruistic since the more people who ask for our books in bookshops, the more chance we have of that bookshop asking for more.

So go to your bookshop and repeat this, in a firm but friendly manner... "I say my fine bookselling friend, do you perchance have the latest Blackwash Press title because I hear it is a smashingly good read, and if not could you order it for me and maybe a few more for yourself since I'm sure many others would like it too."

That should do the trick.