Blackwash Press
Blackwash Press is a small independent publisher based in Surry Hills, Sydney.

Now, we have nothing against big publishers based in the CBD, and indeed one day would like to become one, but for the moment we’re pushing this independent schtick for all we’re worth.

We have hardly any resources, can’t pay the help, and exist solely through the charitable impulses of more people than we can be bothered mentioning.

Due to the small size (both numerically and in stature) of our sales staff and their abominable laziness, our books are not available at very many bookshops. If you find one, it is a sure sign that the bookshop in question is tip top and worth patronising.

As far as a publishing philosophy, we want to put out books that fall under the broad category of ‘good writing’. We’re also pretty much fine with the broad category of ‘best seller’ but that requires resources we don't really have yet.

We don't like poetry, and due to years of drinking and drug taking no longer have the concentration to wade through big, fat bloated books, and especially sagas of three generations of strong-minded women with heaving bosoms, although certain staff members associating themselves with the male sex would like it to be known that they are fond of looking at heaving bosoms. But not reading about them.

We suspect our future books are going to be concise and a little bit weird.

We're also not at all proud, so if you like our books, or just like the cut of our jib, and feel you could flog a few copies to your local book palace, please contact us. We're a little bit nervous about using the telephone due to the well-documented instances of electromagnetic radiation frying the brains of creative people and turning into mindless drones, as happened to Tom Clancy.
We do answer emails though: