Blackwash Press
We were going to do all our pages like this but changed our mind. Now we're not sure how to get rid of this experimental one without starting the whole site again, so consider it the first of many bonuses from dealing with Blackwash press.

The background is meant to give the page texture like it is a rare parchment or something, not a random bunch of digital ones and zeros. As you may have noticed, this makes it harder to read.

Then we chose this typeface (Courier) to to give the impression we actually physically typed the words onto this parchment using an old IBM Selectric like Kerouac used. Unfortunately, that makes it even harder to read.

We considered doing this throughout the whole site because it seemed kind of old-fashioned and writerly, which describes us to a T, plus we thought it gave us a warm fuzzy friendliness, but one of our close personal friends told us that would be stupid.

"That would be stupid," she said. "People will log on to your site, have trouble reading the words, get splitting headaches, go mad, you'll get sued and then I'll never get the money you owe me."

We never realised it would be so difficult being an independent publisher.

So except for this page we don't know to remove, we'll stop being stupid and our typography will be a lot easier to decipher, if not our intent.

Anyway, sorry about the mistake and welcome to the Blackwash Press website. The underlined words at the top of the page are links you click to go to other pages on this site that don't waste your time with background texture explanations.

Mind you, as writers we're none too keen on this underlining business either, because underlining should really only be used to make a word stand out and as you can see all those words are of equal importance (although 'Orders' is perhaps more equal than the others), but our rather inflexible website-making program (Web Easy Professional, in perhaps the least fitting name we've ever heard) insists on it. All other aesthetic, spelling, legal and taste errors are its fault too, so there won't be any frames, split columns, animation or other associated flim-flammery.

Nothing but words.


For some reason the underlining has now disappeared so please ignore the preceding rant. If it has mysteriously returned, we meant everything we said.